I’m not just another internet “health coach guru” here to tell you all the ways you’ve been doing food WRONG, making pie in the sky promises about more food rules or offering the magic bullet diet that will finally work.

I’m way more interested in guiding ambitious women to care for themselves in a way that creates more success.

I’m not a doctor, a dietician, or a counselor—I am a woman who has intimately known a very difficult relationship with food and her body, not unlike many women, and my aim now is to connect and uplift women who are stuck but seeking change, support, and a new way of being.

I studied with groundbreaking pioneers in the field of nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Because I studied yoga and have always been a math and science nerd, I'm able to take my experiences into my work to help women create a peaceful relationship with food by combining emotional work with hard-science nutritional data.

"I combine emotional work with hard-science nutritional data."

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Listen, I am loathe to use the word crazy in my common lexicon, but because I lived it… I know that I felt food crazy. My experience with food was exactly as the infamous quote goes: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I wanted a perfect body. I wanted perfect health. And I thought that the path to ultimate health was through eating the perfect diet. I had a list of food rules that rivaled Dave Ramsey’s money rules.

I thought I would finally gain control. But the more I chased control of my body the more health (and happiness) eluded me.

Loving my body? Ha! Feeling at peace with food? Not so much. Eventually, after 5 years of not having a cycle and battling my body… I realized I was fed up. This way of living? It wasn’t for me. I wanted to learn to listen to what my body was trying to tell me without killing myself seeking perfection in food and body.

So, I embarked on a different kind of health journey. I threw out all of my health rules—food and body—and decided to explore why everything I knew about food was hurting me. I chose to discover what would actually help. I wrote a book about it. I started coaching other women and discovered a framework that worked to help them, too. Health isn’t one size fits all, and there are no rules that your body doesn’t already intuitively know (and they’re probably very different from your rules).


Love the food you eat. Live the life you love. Ditch guilt and regret.

Is to empower women to break all of their rules so they may step into their true purpose, passion, and potential—that sheer magic that lies just beyond where they are now.

Beyond the “food crazies,” there is body love and a touch of science that will lead each woman to answers.

I am an advocate for true health (not based in restriction or control), and I am not perfect.
I am a lover of pie and chocolate.
I love kale AND I love pizza. I believe in food as medicine.
I believe in whole food.
I believe in eating well.

But, as I tell anyone who will listen: I WILL NEVER TELL YOU WHAT TO EAT.
And I will NEVER shame you for your choices. I also believe in enjoying a burger on a warm summer night with some french fries and maybe a cold beer.
I also believe in birthday cake and ice cream.
I believe in chocolate bourbon pecan pie and savoring your favorite holiday dessert.
I believe in breaking all the rules in the name of honoring your truth.

"Do you know what shame does? It makes you doubt yourself. It makes you stress out. If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?"

Women are told to “just eat a salad” if they aren’t thin enough or to “go eat a hamburger” if they aren’t big enough.

Growing up with Hollywood as one of the major influences on our perceptions of beauty and how life "should" happen leads to skewed body image and unrealistic expectations.

How many women each prioritize her external beauty over how her beauty (intellectual, physical, and spiritual) creates waves in the world around her?

How many women sacrifice living life out loud (with all the wrinkles and laugh lines, complete with the crazy eyed hysterical laughing bits) to curate the perfect image for social media, filtering life?

How many women each spend countless seconds in her day agonizing over her body? These are precious seconds that could otherwise be spent in joy, creativity, and intellectual pursuits.

How many women shut off cues from her body, like hunger or exhaustion, to embark on another diet or intense exercise regime in order to meet this ideal perception of beauty?

How many women each experience guilt or shame, feeling shallow or less than because she realizes she spends a lot of time and uses lots of space to do those very things?

If any of this resonates with you, know that you are not alone.
You are not less than.
You are not shallow.
You are not anything other than a perfectly imperfect human, and
you are so much more than your age or your physical appearance. 

All of these things are surely part of you.
You have been many ages, and sure, with each year your cells may change and die, but your
spirit and wisdom grow infinitely. Your physical appearance is the first thing many may note about you, but your spirit and life will flow from the inside out—joy and light and wisdom etched across your open face.



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