Here's how you reset.

Uncategorized May 04, 2019

I can hear the church bells tolling out the window and my view is disfigured by the raindrops on the screen. It's been raining since 5 am and my shoes have already been soaked through twice today. 

I was gifted a brief break from the hustle and the bustle and the hectic of the past few weeks. Packing and moving and working and unpacking and looking at houses and relationships and travel and that's life. Not ever going to stop. 

As humans, we don't really get an opportunity to press pause on life and figure everything out.

Life keeps happening and we happen with it. We figure it out as we're going.

I recently found myself saying aloud, "I just want to move to Tibet and live in a cave. Maybe I'm meant to be a monk."

But that's not really living or finding peace. The true practice comes in finding the small moments to reset. To press pause just long enough to come back to THIS moment. This one. Not the problems of the future or the past—to lose ourselves in story, worry, and fear—but to what's happening NOW.

It's all we really have anyway.

These are the small ways that we can press pause.

We often don't give ourselves credit—or even see—the small ways we're doing exactly what we need to be doing right now.

We want to be fully at peace NOW. We want to be done. We want to have it figured out. We want to lose the weight, get the clients, find the house, dissect the relationship, get the promotion, know what the heck our purpose is... and the thing is... it's actually about not trying to jump ahead 20 steps and have it all figured out. But just have the courage to show up in the present moment, not knowing how it will all end.

I want to get rid of this idea of taking baby steps towards the things we want for ourselves. Instead, we're taking steps. We're just walking through life.

We don't need a hard reset. We don't need a detox or to know what the next move is.

So how do you reset?

For me? It's about coming back to the breath. The inhale. The exhale. Each one is unique to that moment, never to come again.

Try it. Close your eyes. Go to your inhale. Your exhale. That's your pause button, and you'll have it for as long as you are living.




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