You are going to release societal shoulds and body discomfort.

You already know you're meant for more than another magic bullet diet or "finally achieve the perfect butt" exercise plan. You know you’re meant for more than simply punching in to your days and then punching out.

You're eager to erase the voices reverberating in your head, a cacophony of media and workout videos and well intentioned public figures and diet books and self help diatribes and “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” and overall food confusion.

Frankly, there’s not a “Best By” date that can be blanketly stated for each and every woman who decides to embark on such a journey.



You can’t learn to listen to the whisperings of your soul by reading another article or study or any other external reaching. You have to fully experience the breadth of possibility. You have a list of “shoulds”, and few of them are lighting you up anymore. The learning to listen is beyond the constraints of your job description, relationships, food choices, hobbies. Past the call of your scale every morning. Somewhere outside the structure of your daily life—both safe and comforting but also… confining. Restricting. Uninspired. That beyond? It’s within.

You've been on a health journey for a while… but you don’t feel as great as you’d like to feel.

You are certain you could discover your “THING” if only you could get a grip on food and body.

The Thing: noun The pursuit that will make you feel like you are working on something bigger than yourself.

You need the ability to perceive, listen, and notice—to discover the "thing" that's beyond the obsession with food and body.

If only you were at peace with food and body...

✦ your body and your daily life would rest at a happier place—if you could only stop eating when you aren’t hungry.

✦ you'd be able to nourish your body without being overwhelmed by all the “facts” available.

✦ it wouldn't matter that everything you've tried—Keto, slow-carb, no-carb, vegan, paleo—hasn't worked. 

✦ you'd no longer wonder if you have food allergies or reactions… you'd have it figured out.

✦ that list of foods you SHOULD be eating from your doctor would no longer make you feel stuck and overwhelmed.

✦ you'd move regularly out of joy, eat food that you enjoy, and spend less time obsessing.

You’re fed up, and I don’t blame you. You’re ready to move from fed up to well fed in food, body, and your life.


This VIP coaching program is for ambitious women who are craving a peaceful relationship with food and body—so they can care for themselves in a way that creates more success

The truth is? You know too much, and you aren’t listening to what your body is telling you.

In creating peace with food and relinquishing the emotional bondage with food, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a new version of yourself.

Here’s what I know about her: she is fabulous and brave and ready to change the world. And as you learn to spend less time and energy on food and exercise, you will begin to unfurl into this beautiful new YOU.


You'll learn to...

  • lose the food guilt and regret.
  • listen to your own body and eat what YOU want to eat.
  • keep happiness at the heart of healthfulness.

This isn't a nutritionist or doctor who is simply reviewing your labs and telling you to lay off the gluten (without giving you a how), and this isn't the food coaching program that softly encourages you to "feed your hungry heart!"—this is the bridge that connects the best of both of those worlds.

Embodiment, after all, is moving from logical understanding to feeling it in your heart; knowing your own truth in your body.

"You have permission to break all the rules, especially when you're armed with body love alongside a touch of science."

We fill our days with busy-ness. Our health and daily pursuits have become more items we check off on our list of to-dos, and since our to-do lists are a mile long, boxes go unchecked. We cycle into a rollercoaster of perfection and falling off of wagons, and we feel like we’re barely squeezing by. We are in survival mode… remembering a time when life felt better. Happier. More fun. But that’s not life anymore. Instead, you feel exhausted and tired, deep to the bone. You don’t even feel like you WANT to do anything… except for this small voice whispering at the very back of your head saying… there’s more than this.

Your body is talking to you. I know she is, and you do, too. You hear her as your hormones rage throughout the month leaving you with mood swings, cramps, and cravings. She yells at you through stomach pain, sore joints, and allergic reactions and mucous. She cries out for more with depression, anxiety, and emotional eating. She is not the enemy. Our culture has led us to ignore the very voice of our SELF.

"You deserve to take the time to get quiet. To listen. To learn to understand her."

I want to understand the language of my body

The Fed Well framework will guide our work together and provide the foundation for your transformation:

✦ Learn the language of your body. Discover the Rosetta Stone for your body. Begin to learn the unique language your body is speaking by: learning to track your cycle, getting the right bloodwork done with your doctor (and have it interpreted correctly) and coming up with a PLAN to course correct, taking a deep dive into gut health, and learning how to decode your cravings (hint: hormones play a big role). .

✦ Smash the foodtriarchy. A deep exploration of “Food Rules” and a basic nutrition re-education so that you can move into a wild and free relationship to food that is ALSO nourishing on a cellular level.

✦ Hedonize your health. Release perfection. Embrace desire. What would it mean for you to indulge without guilt and not feel compelled to over or undereat? What if there were no more transactional eating and/or exercising. What if you could experience true pleasure: with food, with movement, and in your body?

✦ Yoga off your mat. You’ll learn to connect to your body’s TRUE needs. Right now there is a complete and total disconnect between body and mind. We’ll dig into what’s deeper than just the physical body by exploring the subtle energy bodies and how this is affecting your relationship to food.

✦ Embrace your bio-blueprint. We’ll explore integrative modalities (like Ayurveda and Yin/Yang) to find what works for YOUR particular DNA/blueprint. Understanding your dosha and energy body and how that affects your constitution can be a useful tool for guiding your day to day choices. You will discover what works for YOU.

✦ Liberate your dharma. There’s so much more to you than simply your job, home, body, the food you eat, your relationships, and hobbies… yoga means to unite, so practicing the yoga of YOU means that you recognize and unite the huge summation of all the disparate parts and pieces of YOU. You’ll be introduced to yoga philosophy and ethical guidelines in order to let go of external influences and tap into your divinity.

✦ Remember who you are. You will take on an exploration of your health habits, past and present, and become well acquainted with the patterns that have gotten you to NOW. You will build up your team of support and get clarity on where you are headed in food and your body.

✦ Tame the monkey mind. You will develop a meditation practice to strengthen your own inner knowing and to crowd out the voices of guilt, confusion, and "shoulds" in favor of what you really want for yourself.

✦Engage beast mode. If you want to really feel peace with food, it cannot hold power over you. Discover how you can actually trust yourself around food, NOT turn to food emotionally, and make food choices that make you feel AMAZING physically.



Doing this work with other people would open the compassion. Being able to see myself in somebody else, I wouldn't criticize them like I criticize myself through the process.

On your own... you just shut yourself off. On my own I think I could just easily talk myself into some other diet. Some other rigid something. some other restricting something. I wouldn't have been able to do this on my own.  

Trust the process with someone who has been there. That's such a big deal. Brittany's not just some health nut that's been a health nut her whole life and is just telling everybody how they should go about things. I'm just so happy that I did this.

Jenny Cornelius


Jenny Cornelius


Working through the steps and accessing my inner Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Mode is a way to focus on who I am and get out of my head and into life. Life is grounding and gorgeous and just out there waiting for us to play for the day, even if we do forget sometimes!

I stopped waiting for something good or bad to happen. I stopped waiting for something to happen to me. I’m feeling like I am a person who practices yoga and meditation—I was putting these expectations on myself of what it SHOULD look like; I stopped doing that, and… It’s so strange how my mind is different.

Jamie Craig


Jamie Craig


Brittany is the first ray of light in my life who taught me how to LOVE my relationship to food, my own process and journey, and my body as something to be celebrated and spark more scrumptious creativity in my everyday.  She is someone who makes your own health revolution magical and meaningful in a way a diet never ever could for me. GLOWING GODDESS GURU BEAST MODE is for every woman who seeks liberation from society and self inflicted food/health shackles and stress so you can fully live your life and love yourself.

Tara Tagliaferro

Actress + Life Coach

Tara Tagliaferro

Actress + Life Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

I created this program for you if:

  • You know you’re meant for more, but feel stuck when it comes to health and your body.
  • You’re successful in every other area of life, but are baffled and frustrated with unhappiness around food and your body.    
  • You’re okay talking about “women stuff.” I talk openly about my cycle and curate a space where we talk about the female experience FULLY.
  • You’re sick of endless food rules that leave you feeling wracked with guilt, like you can never eat out, or like you have to be perfect all the time to “succeed” at eating.
  • You’re curious and ready to unlock what true health is for YOU.
  • You feel like your obsession with food and your body are keeping you from progressing in other areas of your life.
  • You identify as a woman.

This is the perfect place to start. In fact, this is a strategic and effective way to supercharge your health and create a solid foundation—and you won't have a lot of pre-existing beliefs to unlearn. You’ll be able to use the principles you learn for years to come.

I recommend that you commit 2-3 hours per week to work through the program and implement what you learn. After you apply for the program, I will be able to tell you when is the soonest you can start!

Believe me when I say: This is everyone's fear who begins working with me, so please find comfort in the fact that you are not alone. This is why I combine a large amount of the emotional work WITH the hard science and nutritional data. I want you to be empowered and understand what's going on in your body so that you know WHY you are making your choices.

Because I work with women all over the country, everything is online. Our coaching sessions will be held on a service called Zoom, which is very similar to Skype, or over the phone. The reason we meet online is because this way, you can do the work from ANYWHERE. No excuses. Traveling? You can still join! Stuck at work? Take a lunch break with no commute. You can show up anyhow, anyway. Even the clients I've worked with locally typically switch to phone consultations after a while..

I built every piece of this program from my own experience and that of working with women for years. Having led others through the process with great success, I have absolutely no doubt that it will knock your socks off and give you the support you need. AND, that’s why I’m so happy to stand behind it and want to make this a no-brainer for you. Just join the program, participate fully, and implement everything you learn, and if you don’t see results at the end of the program, I will refund your money. Simple and easy.


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